We recommend that you log into SmartHub, where you can download your bills or use the Green Button to obtain monthly usage reports. Alternatively, you can contact Rock Energy at DG@Rock.coop  or 866-752-4550 and we will compile that information for you as time permits.

Yes, please refer to the Developers & Contractors portion of our website. Putting electric back onto Rock Energy’s grid is strictly prohibited, until you have received authorization from the Co-op to do so.

No, but there is no harm in contacting Rock Energy should you decide to install such a generator. So long as your proposed generation is used at your residence and cannot put energy back onto Rock Energy’s grid, you do not need to notify us.

Your generation system should be sized to simply offset your own consumption. However, should you over-produce power, Rock Energy will purchase that energy from you. You can find this information under the Energy Charges section on your rate schedule, Rates, Rebates & Other Incentives.

No, most solar generation systems rely upon electricity from the grid to function. Thusly, if your home sustains an outage from Rock Energy’s feed, your solar generation will not function at that time either.

False, as your generation system will not likely always produce all of the energy that you need, especially when you need it, and because the system itself is likely dependent upon Rock Energy’s grid, you will always be interconnected & billed by Rock Energy. It is possible, that you may occasionally over generate enough electricity to have a credit on your monthly bill, but that is uncommon.

Please review our Rates, Rebates & Other Incentives, for current rebates and incentives that maybe applicable.

No, Rock Energy does not make recommendations. We do advise that you do your research on any potential vendor/installer and that you get multiple bids. The cheapest option may not always be the best.

An interconnection Application could be delayed or denied if required information is incomplete or missing, payments are not made, or documents are unsigned.

You will not need to submit an new Interconnection Application, but you will need to provide us a copy of your insurance that lists Rock Energy as additionally insured. You will want to review your rate schedule here: Rates, Rebates & Other Incentives.

You are entitled to any SRECs that your system produced. Rock Energy does not purchase SRECs.

We recommend that it be sized to offset your consumption, but it can be any size that you wish. Granted, any upgrades or costs that Rock Energy may incur in relation to said generation will be bore by the member. Typically, these costs are minimal, if sized to offset your consumption.

Yes, you will have to submit a new interconnection application.

Your bill will be credited on a cash basis each month for any energy you put back onto the grid. At the end of the calendar year, we will issue you a check for any credit remaining on your account.

Please email Rock Energy at DG@Rock.coop, we can help answer any questions you may have.

See our State Rate / Rebate, for detailed information.

No, due to the distributed generation system’s production adding another variable in to the budgeted energy usage calculation for each month, budget billing is not available to members who have distributed generation.