1. Your current billing address. Click here to change your billing address.

  2. Previous balances, amounts paid, balances forward, current electric and gas charges are used to determine your total amount due.

  3. Important cooperative notices appear here. This is also where a disconnection warning notice will appear. Final disconnection notices are mailed separately.

  4. A member can have more than one account number, so please refer to this number if contacting Member Services with questions about this bill.

  5. Your service address for this account determines your co-op district, which is shown here.

  6. Current date and previous date that your meter was read.

  7. Current and previous meter readings.

  8. Total kilowatts or therms used during this billing period.

  9. Facilities charges cover maintenance of line equipment and other expenses associated with providing service to a location.

  10. Energy/gas charges are the amounts due based on kilowatts/therms used.

  11. The Power Cost Adjustment can be either a credit or debit based on short-term fluctuations in the cost of fuel charged by our power supplier.

  12. Applicable state and local taxes are charged.

  13. Other important cooperative messages may appear here.

  14. Requests for account changes can be made here and mailed with your payment. Or you can click here and make the changes electronically.

  15. Please be sure to use the post office box shown here and include the nine-digit zip code when mailing payments to the co-op.