Electric Vehicles

What to know about EVs and charging them at home.

Residential Generator Installation

Residential Generator Installation

Solar 101: Learn the basics

Rock Energy Cooperative wants to ensure that members can make informed decisions about their energy usage, and that might include solar power generation. Watch this video to learn some basics about solar.


Are you planning a digging project? If so, make sure to pick up the phone first and call 811 so someone can come out to your property and mark any underground utility lines.


Watch out for severe weather and ALWAYS be prepared.

Payment Options - Video

This video goes over the different options you have for paying your Rock Energy bill.

Natural Gas Safety at Home

Check out Rock Energy's "Natural Gas Safety at Home" video and know what to do if you detect a natural gas leak at home.

Tree Trimming Near Power Lines

Thinking "safety first" is a must when it comes to trimming trees near power lines.

Energy vampires are lurking in your home Video

Did you know that you have vampires in your home? We’re talking about energy vampires: all those appliances and electronics that continue to use electricity even after you turn them off.

Trees & Lines - What to Know Video

Do you ever wonder about the electrical wires running above you? Who should you call if a branch falls on either the higher wires or the lower wires? Watch this informative video to find out.