Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Terms of Use

This website and its contents are owned by Rock Energy Cooperative.

Material contained on the website is proprietary and copyrighted. This material may also appear in periodic newsletters or other publications distributed in print or electronically to persons on our membership lists, opting in to our voluntary subscription list (covered by our Privacy Policy) or subscribing through an RSS feed. Visitors have no rights whatsoever in the site content except as otherwise noted.

We would be happy to allow you to reprint our articles and resources on your related web site or in your electronic or print communications. We do, however, require three things in return.

  • We ask that all articles or resources be reprinted in their entirety including any "resource box" (author and site information) that may appear with it. Even when a resource box is not present, we do require a link back to our site and attribution as the source of the material.
  • Do not simply link to our article or resource within a frame of your page, etc. You must republish the work on your site, on your servers.
  • E-mail us and let us know when and where our work is appearing. If at all possible, we'd appreciate getting a heads up in advance, but we're always interested in what others in our field are covering and what they have to say about our topics. (P.S. It may be something we can help you develop further as well.)

Content submissions:

We wish to thank Wisconsin Energy Cooperative News and Illinois Country Living magazines for the use of some graphics here on the site.

We welcome and encourage visitors to add to the content of our site and other publications by submitting completed articles and stories as well as suggestions for either. Your stories and experiences of life as a co-op member help us all, but please understand that all content submitted becomes the property of Rock Energy Cooperative to edit and use at our sole discretion. We cannot guarantee to be able to return original photos, audios or videos, although we will make every effort to if asked.

We are also actively seeking stories and articles on local use of alternative and renewal energy sources, as well as ways our members are conserving energy. If you have a situation that you think would make a great case study and help others become better energy consumers, please submit it to our editor, Barbara Uebelacker, directly through e-mail or by phone at 866-752-4550. That way we can work together to tell the story in the best possible way.