Summer Energy Savings


1. Seal cracks around the house with weather stripping or caulk to keep cold air in and hot air out.

2. Open your windows at night to let cool air in, and then close them in the morning to trap it.

3. Use curtains and blinds to keep the sun out on hot days.

4. Shade your home by installing awnings over windows in direct sunlight.

5. To force air down and create a cooling effect, operate ceiling fans in a counter-clockwise direction.

6. Ventilation, if done properly, is one of the most efficient ways to keep a building cool.

7. When using your AC, attic vents and fans can help reduce energy costs.

8. Set the thermostat as high as you comfortably can. Programmable thermostats allow you to easily cool your home when you are there and increase the temperature when you are not.

9. If you are looking for a new air conditioning unit, be sure to check out an Energy Star rated model.

10. If a new AC unit is out of the question, a routine annual inspection and regular maintenance can help. Turn off power to the air conditioner before you work on it. Clean or replace filters. Clear leaves and other debris away from the condensing unit. Hose off any accumulated dirt.